Fueling a Southern Soul

A beautiful fusion of cherished childhood memories and present-day life, Fueling a Southern Soul guides entertaining, cooking, and opening your home to others. Whether your space is neat as a pin or a bit messy and lived-in, you don't need perfection to invite others to your table and shower them with love through a meal and warm hospitality. 

Fueling a Southern Soul embraces the profound connection between food, family, and friends. It's about honoring Southern roots while creating a welcoming space for you to explore the joys of casseroles, dips, brunch recipes, and so much more. 

Join in on this delicious journey, and let's celebrate the simple pleasure of loving people through food around our table, embodying everything that fuels my Southern soul.

Our Collaboration

We believe in life around the table, communion, and investing in those we love. That's why we were excited to partner with Fueling a Southern Soul on a unique idea to turn some of their best holiday recipes and the feelings around them into fragrant holiday candles.

We built this collaboration upon our driving mission that scent is more than an aroma; it's the primary trigger of our great memories. We desire that you can commemorate precious holiday memories throughout your home all season through this special collaboration.

Holiday Collection Candles with Fueling a Southern Soul

2023 Holiday Collection

Holiday memories that linger in your home all season long

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Heather and Bilyeu Family

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