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Our Principles

Best together

Forged by Family

Families are the cornerstone of relationships. And to be the most beautiful version of yourself, you'll need success in the home to have prosperity of heart.

Our family has a history of working together despite the odds and continues to do so as we now make exciting products full of life and purpose through Petra Living.

Our family curates and crafts everything Petra Living produces today. Each of our hands lays hold to every product, ensuring not just its quality but its motive and life that it emits it transfers from our home to yours.

Over the years, culture has generally drifted away from what makes a community so unique, which is doing things together as a family. So that's where we'll start to make a difference in the world, simply loving each other and doing things together with our family and yours.
PETRA LIVING [Vol I, Issue I] September 2023

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