Bourbon Collection


In life, what we appreciate most usually takes a while to develop, and time is the tool used to craft what's of quality and worth remembering around us. People, family, life experience, and even fine Kentucky Bourbon Whiskey all use the tool of time, and this fragrance celebrates what's to come of such an anticipated and beautiful maturation process like storied Kentucky Bourbon Whiskey stored in iconic Rickhouses.

Originally known as a "King's Warehouse," Rickhouse will remind you of maturing Kentucky Bourbon Whiskey lingering patiently on ricks until aging perfectly to be enjoyed in your home.

"Like its namesake, aromas of bourbon, rich wood sap, musk, dry spice, brown sugar, and creamy vanilla have maturated perfectly into this robust, confident, and sexy masculine fragrance."

The uniform of an upper-level equestrian lifestyle.

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