Our Foundation

Petra Living is a company founded to create products with purpose. Established in 2023, we make candles that light up your heart, encourage people to take time for those they love, and furnish messages that matter.

We welcome you to explore our spirited collection of products, all crafted by hand and centered around family in beautiful Lexington, Kentucky.

Beauty in Craftsmanship

Our family crafts all of our products by hand with care in Lexington, Kentucky.

Products with Integrity

As of October 2023, we're proud to say that 78% of goods and materials needed for production are sourced in the USA and American-made.

Candles that make you think and Feel

We want to help set atmospheres to relax, refresh, feel emotionally hugged, and have the freedom to believe in and be yourself. 

Mike and Donna Price

Depths of purpose

About Our Heart

Two people can do the same thing, but both experience different outcomes. The reason being their motive. The Heart Behind Petra Living is what separates us from the rest.

Our Principles

What Shapes Our Company

Products with Purpose

To us, products with purpose begin with how and why we make things.

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Birthed in Hospitality

We may create products with people and how they feel in mind. 

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Forged by Family

Our family curates and crafts everything Petra Living produces today.

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Amburgy Family Campfire

Layers of meaning

About Our Collections

Timeless traditions, thoroughbred horses, and fine Kentucky bourbon have made this state what it is today. It's this vital, spirited heritage that Kentuckians cherish and visitors worldwide celebrate.

"More than an aroma." The Heart Behind Petra Living

The heart behind petra living

More than an Aroma

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