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Petra Living EST 2023 in Lexington, KyPetra Living EST 2023 in Lexington, Ky

Products with Purpose

Beauty in craftsmanship is our light, and integrity is our guide as we craft our products with purpose. This philosophy adds layers of care, intention, and beauty amplified in your home that...

Our world has never been more full of stuff, yet the excess doesn't seem to satisfy. That's because, whether articulated or not, the spirit within consumers can see through why products are being made today.

Greed has become the corporate rudder for most decision-making. "What's the easiest way, the cheapest route, and the quickest return?" are the guiding light and principles for how companies make decisions and deliver products to you. This way of living may have worked for a minute, but look around; it has taken a toll beyond the quality of products we consume today but extended punishment to people excluded or extorted to make them.

To us, products with purpose begin with how and why we make things.

Beauty in craftsmanship.

Our products are crafted by hand. There is extreme beauty, quality, and honor in this kind of craftsmanship. Machines can't see as people can, and products made by people add layers of care, intention, and beauty amplified in your home. That's why our candles don't just light up a room; they light up your heart! There is a nuance to our products that corporate competitors will never replicate.

Products with integrity.

"Made in China" on everything we pick up should be a clear sign that America is no longer its own. We've delegated our creative authority to machines and the interests of others. So, beyond crafting products locally, we make a great effort to source our materials from family-owned and operated businesses not in China.

As of October 2023, we're proud to say that 78% of our entire product line is American-made. While Petra Living products are crafted by hand locally in Lexington, Kentucky, 78% of all the goods we source originate and are manufactured in the USA. We continue to move forward to our goal of being 100% sourced and made by American families.

America was built by family and established by communities coming together. To get back to this way of living, not only individuals but companies (family and community) need to make a stand and live this way.

We make decisions and take steps daily to work with incredible people and beautiful families to make all-around nuanced and meaningful products that mean something to you inside your home.


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