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Marvelous in our sight

Like the city in Jordan, any thriving community worth mentioning in history was built by passionate, resourceful people driven by the beauty, possibility, and wonder of the world surrounding them. Not girded in lack or fear or lust for what someone else created, profitable communities thrive when their individual members are wholehearted, contributing the best of what they have to produce something that's best for the whole, something incredible for everyone to enjoy corporately, to enjoy equally.

What we put our hands to and create is an extension of our heart, and here at Petra Living, we love to consecrate the work of our hands with other communities who share these spirited values to echo this heart at scale. Together, through significant brand alliance, we aim to fill the world with beauty, purposeful things, and refined full living through our powerful collaborations.

Candles are a luxury and

Communion, a necessity.

Enjoy cocktail recipes from Fueling a Southern Soul that compliment our candles and fine fragrances.


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