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Kentucky Heritage Candle



As seeds are destined to bloom and seasons blossom, we look at each day as a crafted gift from above, and it is marvelous in our eyes!

Like a well-planned, manicured, and cared-for estate garden, Marvelous captures the timeless euphoria of spring, celebrating the hard work and care of seasons’ bloom in classic style. Fresh tulip petals brighten your senses with a smile as winning roses, lilies, and willow trees celebrate the depth and regalia of classic Kentucky living. Buoyant greenery and delicate honey-like aromatics charm your senses with an estate aroma that’s beautifully elegant and simply marvelous.

Floral, Fresh, Regal, Exciting, Honey

Meaningful attributes

Marvelous! A short story behind the fragrance by Matthew M. Price
Screen shot of Marvelous by Matthew M. Price
An excerpt from Marvelous! Written by Matthew M. Price

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A short story behind the fragrance.

Thinking about this season while looking forward inspired its namesake and what we wanted this fragrance to represent. Time is a powerful tool for understanding the sweetness and bitterness of life, and we celebrate the perspective we've come to find in-season change. 

We hope this story encourages you, too, no matter what season of life you're walking through (and its inherent beauty.)

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