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Mike and Donna Price

About Our Heart

Depths of purpose, layers of meaning.

About Our Heart

From the nearest general store in rural America to the journeyed and boisterous boutiques of fine city life, candles are everywhere you look. So, what makes our candles different than the rest?

It's the heart behind what we do.

Two people can do the same thing, but both experience different outcomes. The reason being their motive. So, here at Petra Living, our heart isn't to compete, nor do we obsess over standard practices centered around idealistic "big business." But what sets us apart, and what we want you to experience, are the most incredible memories associated with how we think and feel, all from delicate fragrances and other products with purpose.

This belief, coupled with heart-felt follow-through, sets us apart, and all of our work is empty unless it means something to you inside your home or treasured space. From Southern Nights to something as simple as Silks, we're all about creating fine fragrances that can transport you to a moment. Whether that be a vacation, a childhood memory, being trackside, on a date, celebrating life's wins, or feeling the most cozy in your home, we center our products around how people feel because, ultimately, you'll think like you feel.

If our products hug your heart, we know that you'll embrace the hearts of others. And all together, we can enjoy a fragrant, beautiful world, vital and nuanced, all-around tranquil and energized, joy-filled living.

Amburgy Family Campfire

About Our Collections

Timeless and spirited, our heritage matters.

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