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Our Principles

Birthed in hospitality

Birthed in Hospitality

Petra Living is owned and operated by the Price Family in Lexington, Kentucky. Over the years, our family has participated in a variety of trades. From carpentry, building, marketing, design, and most recently known for Price Dinner Club, hospitality has always been the heart behind our trades. 

When you think about food service, it's easy to sit at a table and feel cared for, but the spirit of hospitality shouldn't be limited to food. Hospitality is genuine care for others and should extend to every business and relation in life. 

While other companies and creatives stayed riddled on a narrow focus to only give consumers what they want, our years in hospitality taught us to listen to what people want and see what they need, giving us a vision and heartfelt desire to create products for people now and in the future. Our character stays pruned so that we can remain singular and live this way, listening to people and creating what the hearts of families desire. 

Today, we may create products, but we do it in the same way we used to produce events and make food, with the people and how they feel in mind. 

Hospitality is the desire to serve people where they are. 

Today, in a world that's tender and hungry for answers and unity, products with purpose are our little answer to an emotional problem that can seem too hard to bear. 

Candles that make you think and feel. 

Think about it. If you don't feel good, chances are, you won't think much good either! But if we can be intentional and create fine fragrances that help remind people of life's precious memories, it instills a good base of thought to help people feel better. Little by little, these thoughts can grow into feeling loved, comforted and seeking to do the same for others. 

Candles are a luxury you deserve. Providing people with something nice is our family's simple way to serve people in their homes. We want to help set atmospheres to relax, refresh, feel emotionally hugged, and have the freedom to believe in and be yourself. 

Some of our best conversations aren't always with people around us; they're with ourselves and our spirit. We hope these candles do that for you, subtly setting an atmosphere, prompting the best feelings and conversations you've had with yourself in a long time. 

Price Family at Kelly's Wedding

Our Principles

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