Fueling a Southern Soul

Holiday Collection Candles

Recently, we invited Fueling a Southern Soul to our Single Batch Studio to turn some of their favorite holiday recipes into fragrant candles.

Available now, we hope that precious holiday memories linger in your home all season long through these unique holiday aromas.

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Pumpkin Pie from Fueling a Southern Soul

Fueling a Southern Soul

"Living life around the table"

"I firmly believe life is better gathered around the table with good food and drink and even better people! From cheesy appetizers to dinner party-worthy main courses to show-stopping desserts. And where wine-stained lips are always welcomed!

Simply put, this is a space where we love people through food around the table....and just a little bit of what fuels my southern soul."

- Heather Bilyeu, Fueling a Southern Soul

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Treat Yourself, Recipes from Petra Living Online

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Candles are a luxury, and communion, a necessity.

Recipes from Fueling a Southern Soul