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Beauty in Unity

Collaborations are a great way to sweeten what individual brands spend their lives working on day-to-day. Where our gift comes into action and where we feel privileged is amplifying the effects of their passionate labor in unique ways through crafting products. Products are significant items of remembrance that carry meaning when created with purpose. When consumers and friends alike can take home a product from trips and visits and even receive one as a present, it's a tangible reminder of the indulgences we love and the stories we share.

Opportunities to partner with individuals and companies who steward heritage, work with horses, and contribute to America's native spirit are a gift we relish, and it's our privilege to share them here with you.

The Heart Behind


Timeless traditions, thoroughbred horses, and fine Kentucky bourbon have made this state what it is today. It's this vital, spirited heritage that Kentuckians cherish and visitors worldwide celebrate.

About our Collections

Beauty in craftsmanship is our light, and integrity is our guide as we craft our products with purpose. This philosophy adds layers of care, intention, and beauty amplified in your home.

Products with Purpose

Our years in hospitality taught us to listen to what people want and see what they need, giving us a vision and heartfelt desire to create products for people now and in the future.

Birthed in Hospitality

Our family curates and crafts everything Petra Living produces today. Each of our hands lays hold to every product, ensuring not just its quality but its motive.

Forged by Family