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Who We Are

Everything we do in life comes down to our motive, and The Heart of Petra Living helps paint a picture of its genesis, what authorizes our spirit, and why we emphasize creating products with purpose.

The Story Behind Kentucky Candle Club

It's not as much about lighting a candle but taking a moment and investing in yourself. It's the stage these life accouterments set and the presence you feel.

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About Our Heart

We're all about creating fine fragrances that can transport you to a moment and center our products around how people feel because, ultimately, you'll think like you feel.

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About Our Collections

Timeless traditions, thoroughbred horses, and fine Kentucky bourbon have made this state what it is today. It's this vital, spirited heritage that Kentuckians cherish and visitors worldwide celebrate. And it's...

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More Than an Aroma

Scent is more than an aroma. It's the primary trigger of our great memories. Memories of loved ones and moments that we'll never forget. Trigger one's memory, and thus, you...

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Why Candles Matter

Most of what we think comes from what we smell. And something as simple as fine fragrance can stop you in your tracks and remind you of life's most precious memories. This...

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Products with Purpose

Beauty in craftsmanship is our light, and integrity is our guide as we craft our products with purpose. This philosophy adds layers of care, intention, and beauty amplified in your...

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Birthed in Hospitality

Our years in hospitality taught us to listen to what people want and see what they need, giving us a vision and heartfelt desire to create products for people now and...

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Forged by Family

Families are the cornerstone of relationships. And to be the most beautiful version of yourself, you'll need success in the home to have prosperity of heart. Our family curates and...

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Depths of purpose and layers of meaning saturate everything you do.

"Depths of purpose and layers of meaning saturate everything you do."