PETRA LIVING [Vol I, Issue I] September 2023

About Us

The Heart Behind Petra Living

About Our Heart

From the nearest general store in rural America to the journeyed and boisterous boutiques of fine city life, candles are everywhere you look. So, what makes our candles different than...

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About Our Collections

Established in Kentucky, our family at Petra Living creates products that celebrate the constitutional heart of the bluegrass through its arteries of global reach.

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More than an Aroma

Scent is more than an aroma. It's the primary trigger of our great memories. Memories of loved ones and moments that we'll never forget. Trigger one's memory, and thus, you...

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Why Candles Matter

Our goal at Petra is simply to create fine fragrances that remind people of life’s most precious memories, prompt more special moments, and the feeling of being known with the...

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Products with Purpose

Our world has never been more full of stuff, yet the excess doesn't seem to satisfy. That's because, whether articulated or not, the spirit within consumers can see through why...

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Birthed in Hospitality

Petra Living is owned and operated by the Price Family in Lexington, Kentucky. Over the years, our family has participated in a variety of trades. From carpentry, building, marketing, design,...

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Forged by Family

Families are the cornerstone of relationships. And to be the most beautiful version of yourself, you'll need success in the home to have prosperity of heart. Our family has a...

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