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Amburgy Family Campfire

About Our Collections

Timeless and Spirited, our Heritage Matters.

About Our Collections

Established in Kentucky, our family at Petra Living creates products that celebrate the constitutional heart of the bluegrass through its arteries of global reach.

Timeless traditions, thoroughbred horses, and fine Kentucky bourbon have made this state what it is today. It's this vital, spirited heritage that Kentuckians cherish and visitors worldwide celebrate. And it's our adoration of this elegance that prompted us to create three collections of products to remember them by.

Our products are foremost created for people at home to enjoy locally, then share with visitors and friends as they come and go around the world.

A little is often a lot when it comes from the heart. So we hope these little gestures and products of kindness, go a long way to share memories of Kentucky that keep all of us together, no matter the distance.

"More than an aroma." The Heart Behind Petra Living

The Heart Behind Petra Living


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