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Kentucky Heritage Candle

Southern Nights - Travel Candle


Step outside your home and breathe in the sanctity of good days spent in Kentucky.

This fragrance emits the loveliness of a beautiful night's dusk as the right amount of delta humidity perfumes the air with gardenias, amber moss, hardwoods, and ripe fruit. You'll feel like you're resting on the porch with a glass of wine as the creek water ripples in and the sunset signs off on another beautiful day spent in Kentucky.

Fresh, Citrus, Green, Floral, Fruit, Wood, Nature,Crisp, Clean

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Crafted by hand


We craft all of our candles by hand in single and small batches. This ensures top-of-the-line quality and love that can only emit from such care.

To maximize this candle's life and quality

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Crafted with care

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