Kentucky Heritage Candle

First Snow - Travel Candle


Marked by fresh wood and pine, this fine fragrance embodies the euphoria of seasons First Snow.

As seasons change and small lights begin to kiss the night's air around us, our senses know what's next as we eagerly anticipate Kentucky's first snow. We set out to celebrate this feeling of antiquation with a soft and subtle fragrance, with the strength of natural cedar wood, patchouli, and mahogany inside your home. With familiar elements reminiscent of cozy blankets and a kiss of clove, First Snow creates a beautiful ambiance of a clean and cozy home that you can enjoy all winter long.

Cozy, Pine, Wood, Green, Fresh

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We craft all of our candles by hand in single and small batches. This ensures top-of-the-line quality and love that can only emit from such care.

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Crafted with care

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