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Kentucky Heritage Candle

Fall Festival


Encapsulate the best feelings of fall, everything your memory loves about the social season changing. 

True to our fashion, we set out to commemorate a fall candle bigger than pumpkin but celebrated everything we love towards the anticipation and enjoyment of a beautiful southern fall. Decadent caramel corn welcomes you into this unmistakable aroma while beautiful butter and warmth open the door. Toasted pumpkin hosts your home while the softest notes of vanilla and cocoa balance out such beautiful complexity. This warm fragrance embodies all the fun you crave with friends and family during the fall season.

Fall, Pumpkin, Spice, Sweet, Soft, Rich, Carmel

Meaningful attributes

Crafted by hand


We craft all of our candles by hand in single and small batches. This ensures top-of-the-line quality and love that can only emit from such care.

To maximize this candle's life and quality

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Crafted with care

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