Rickhouse Flameless Bourbon Collection Candle Rickhouse Flameless Bourbon Collection Candle


Rickhouse - 2.75oz Wax Melt


Fragrant to remind you of the finer things in life. 

Most of what we enjoy takes time to develop, like fine Kentucky Bourbon stored in iconic rickhouses. Originally known as a "king's warehouse," this wax melt will remind you of maturing Kentucky Bourbon lingering patiently on ricks until aging perfectly to be enjoyed in your home. Like its namesake, aromas of bourbon, rich wood sap, musk, dry spice, brown sugar, and creamy vanilla have maturated perfectly into this robust, confident, and sexy masculine fragrance.  

Crafted by hand


We craft all of our products by hand in single and small batches. This ensures top-of-the-line quality and love that can only emit from such care.