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Kentucky Stationery

Heritage Stationery in Rickhouse


Send a message that lingers with our fragrant stationery. 

Each set includes

-11 4x6 Note cards featuring our signature Heritage Horse.

-10 4x6 Black foil-lined envelopes with “Sent with Love from Kentucky” embossed on the back with our Heritage Horse.

- 1 Rickhouse fragrance sachet to give your stationery a signature aroma.

Cards come presented in a 5x7 matte black box wrapped with black tissue paper and stamped with wax for a beautiful gift presentation to yourself or someone you love.

Rickhouse Woodsy Fragrance

"Like its namesake, aromas of bourbon, rich wood sap, musk, dry spice, brown sugar, and creamy vanilla have maturated perfectly into this robust, confident, and sexy masculine fragrance."

Discover our Rickhouse Fragrance