Bed of Spices Flameless Bourbon Candle Bed of Spices Flameless Bourbon Candle


Bed of Spices - 2.75oz Wax Melt


"Like a bed of spices or balsam, like banks of sweet herbs yielding fragrance" on an Appalachian stream.

Like the intricacy of Kentucky Bourbon, Bed of Spices has a complex aroma that somehow makes you feel at home. You'll sink into your chair happy as you warm up this wax melt and pick up notes of fresh baking spices, creamy vanilla, and hints of Bordeaux anemones or lilies distilling in the background. All of these aromas light up a room with anticipation, comfortability, and the permission to relax after a weary day away. 

Crafted by hand


We craft all of our products by hand in single and small batches. This ensures top-of-the-line quality and love that can only emit from such care.