Here at Petra Living, we love to amplify the love, value, and purpose behind our treasured creations with those who believe the same and want to share in something special. Here, you can view cherished friends who are an active part of our community and us theirs! And we’d love to share their purpose with you.

Our flagship friends are an excellent place to feel at home and explore and discover our full line of Petra Living products at each of their stores and beautiful boutiques. While you’re there, we believe you’ll enjoy what they have to share as we all come together to amplify and lift artisan craftsmanship, love, and friendship worldwide!

My Favorite Things, Lexington

Gifts for everyone on your list! Experience the best gift wrapping, custom bows, wreaths, centerpieces, and festive accents to spruce up your home this Christmas season!

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My Favorite Things
My Favorite Things in Lexington, KY, is the premier place to discover and explore our entire collection of candles, fragrances, stationery, and books!
Miss Behaven
For a limited time, stop by and discover our fragrant Christmas Stationery!